Active Outdoors

Active Outdoors


"Community design and transportation systems have
a notable impact on how readily families can be
active outdoors in natural environments."



Strategic Priorities for Outcome Three:

Encourage partners to develop programs and services to connect adults and children with nature by providing opportunities for activities in a natural environment.

Encourage the development of education and stewardship programs that improve environmental and physical literacy, and that facilitate unstructured play in the outdoors.

Implement Alberta's Plan for Parks to guide long term planning and ensure our parks are protected yet accessible for Albertans' recreation, active living and sport activities.

Develop a provincial recreation trails strategy to accommodate diverse abilities, and link communities to the province's parks, outdoor spaces and recreation facilities through sustainable land and water based trails.

Encourage local governments to develop local parks and outdoor spaces that are connected to other parks, outdoor spaces and trails in the region.

Develop an online tool for Albertans and visitors to easily find and learn about recreation, active living and sport opportunities in Alberta's parks and outdoor spaces.

What will success look like in ten years?

More Albertans enjoy recreational opportunities outdoors.

Parks stewardship programs and services include integration of the principles of physical literacy and unstructured play.

The regional plans developed under the Land-use Framework identify strategies to ensure recreation, active living and sport needs are met in environmentally sustainable ways.






Last reviewed/revised: December 9, 2013