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Recreation, active living, and sport are vitally important to Albertans. The activities they choose for enjoyment, where they live and take vacations, what they teach their children, and who they select as their heroes all demonstrate how important the sector is to the lives of Albertans.

The Alberta Government contributes to recreation, active living and sport directly, and through partnerships with the federal government, Alberta's municipalities, First Nation and Métis communities, post-secondary institutions, non-governmental organizations and the private sector. This policy sets a new vision for recreation, active living, and sport for the next 10 years and invites partners to work with the government of Alberta to achieve the following six outcomes ... more

Outcome One

Active Albertans More Albertans experience improved physical and mental health through integrating physical activity into their daily lives ... more

Outcome Two

Active Communities Communities are designed and developed to support recreation, active living and sport where people live, work and play ... more

Outcome Three

Active Outdoors More Albertans enjoy recreational opportunities outdoors ... more

Outcome Four

Active Engagement Community leaders are developed and supported through their participation and in recreation, active living and sport ... more

Outcome Five

Active Outdoors All partners adopt an intregrated approach to wellness, including collaboration across government and between stakeholders ... more

Outcome Six

Active Engagement Organized sport works together to achieve shared outcomes, so that Albertans understand the value and benefits of sport ... more


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