Policy Overview

Recreation, active living and sport are vitally important to Albertans. The activities they choose for enjoyment, where they live and take vacations, what they teach their children, and who they select as their heroes all demonstrate how important the sector is to the lives of Albertans.

The Government of Alberta has long recognized the importance of the sector, and has been deeply involved through the development of policies, the passage of legislation, the design of programs, through working with partners, and through the provision of funding.

Research clearly points to the importance of active lifestyles to the physical, social and emotional health and well-being of Albertans and their communities. The Government of Alberta recognizes this research and has drawn on this evidence to reflect its direction related to recreation, active living and sport. The following pages outline a ten year policy to refocus government initiatives, challenge partners, and encourage Albertans to become more active.

This new policy, Active Alberta, sets out a vision for recreation, active living and sport: Albertans enjoy a high quality of life, improved health and wellness, strong communities, economic benefits and personal fulfillment, through recreation, active living and sport.

Active Alberta will inspire Albertans to become more active every day, through sustainable, province-wide activities that generate awareness and motivate action through collaboration.

This policy will ensure the Government of Alberta is maximizing the effectiveness of the funding of this sector because it links funding to achievement of outcomes. The following outcomes will guide the Government of Alberta and its partners as they design programs, deliver services and make investments related to recreation, active living, and sport:

  • Active Albertans: More Albertans are more active, more often.
  • Active Communities: Alberta communities are more active, creative, safe and inclusive.
  • Active Outdoors: Albertans are connected to nature and able to explore the outdoors.
  • Active Engagement: Albertans are engaged in activity and in their communities.
  • Active Coordinated System: All partners involved in providing recreation, active living and sport opportunities to Albertans work together in a coordinated system.
  • Active Pursuit of Excellence: Albertans have opportunities to achieve athletic excellence.

Under each of these outcomes, a set of strategic priorities are identified and some of the differences that are expected over the next 10 years are also described. Implementation of this strategy will require coordination and collaboration among all government ministries involved in the sector, and with partners including other governments, educational institutions, non-profit agencies and the private sector.

Successful implementation will mean Albertans know what they are receiving from the significant investments made in the sector. More importantly, successful implementation of the Active Alberta policy should lead to improved health and well-being for Albertans and their communities.

Last reviewed/revised: December 9, 2013