The intent of this new policy is to:

Acknowledge that recreation, active living and sport are essential to the health, well-being and social needs of all Albertans throughout their lives, whether they are toddlers or teenagers, parents or grandparents, full time workers or full time retirees. Regardless of their skills, interests and abilities, Albertans value recreational and sport activities and benefit from an active lifestyle.

Reaffirm the Government of Alberta's commitment to the sector. The Government of Alberta is committed to continuing to support and promote recreation, active living and sport.

Replace the Active Living Strategy and, over the next ten years, coordinate other provincial policies and strategies that encourage healthy active lifestyle choices to improve Albertans' quality of life, sense of security, and overall community health and well-being.

Describe the government's priorities related to recreation, active living and sport. "Active Alberta" represents call to action.

Confirm the partnership the Government of Alberta enjoys with other governments, the non-profit sector, educational institutions and the private sector in delivering services and programs to Albertans, and clarify the role of all partners.

Establish common outcomes for the sector and invite partners to work with government, and with each other, to achieve those outcomes.

Guide Government of Alberta funding decisions and resource allocations related to recreation, active living and sport to help achieve the outcomes of this policy.

Support the Government of Alberta's wellness initiatives.

Last reviewed/revised: December 9, 2013