Great Ideas to GO!

Get Outdoors Weekend
April 13-15, 2012

  1. Exposure to sunshine increases Vitamin D
    Vitamin D is a vital vitamin linked to decreases in cancer, depression, bone disease and other health issues. Alberta enjoys 2330 hours of Sunshine annually - the most in Canada

  2. Being outdoors improves the effects of your regular gym routine
    People who exercise at the same intensity level outdoors as those who are active inside report higher revitalization, energy levels and enjoyment. Outdoor activity can also increase the physical effects of your routine due to uneven terrain and natural obstacles.

  3. Being outdoors sparks the imagination
    Natural environments have been shown to increase both the length and quality of imaginative play within children.

  4. Getting outdoors can make you smarter
    Students who have access to environmental education programs show higher test scores in math, reading and writing.

  5. You can volunteer outdoors – and volunteering makes you healthier
    There are abundant options for volunteering outside; take a senior on a walk, coach a soccer team, lead a scouts group or help your local community league clean up the neighborhood

  6. Even a brief visit outside can make you nicer.
    Taking as little as 10 minutes to be outdoors has been shown to make people more generous

  7. Being outdoors can lead to a calmer, more cooperative child.
    Children display an increase in cooperative behavior with increased outdoor time.

  8. Going outdoors makes friendships and family ties stronger.
    It has been suggested that the bonds formed while engaging in outdoor activities are stronger than those formed with comparable indoor play.

  9. Getting outdoors makes you healthier.
    Research suggest that people, both adults and children, who routinely spend time outside have lower obesity levels, fewer mental illnesses and higher levels of energy.

  10. People who spend time outdoors are happier!
    Outdoor activity has been strongly linked to reduced stress, greater relaxation and a more positive outlook on life for people of all ages

Last reviewed/revised: March 23, 2012