Air Policy

One of the roles of the Ministry's Tourism Division is to advocate for air policy that support the growth of tourism in Alberta. The Ministry has been involved in a number of initiatives to advance the province's interests in this regard.

Alberta Open Skies Forum

The Alberta Open Skies Forum was held May 14th, 2009 in Edmonton and provided delegates with an opportunity to provide input and assist with the identification of key target markets and international air service agreement priorities for the Province of Alberta. This was a collaborative initiative between Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation and Alberta Transportation.

A final report was prepared and this includes information from the original discussion paper that was prepared and distributed to delegates in advance of the Forum. As well, the final report outlines recommendations flowing from the workshop component of the event where stakeholders were provided with the opportunity to confirm priorities, from an Alberta perspective, where the Federal government needs to be encouraged to negotiate open skies type air service agreements. Recommendations also address how the Federal government could more effectively represent provincial perspectives in the air service agreement negotiating process.

Alberta Open Skies Forum - Final Report

Western Provinces Support Need For Open Skies Air Service Agreements

On September 25th 2009, Alberta's Premier, the Honourable Ed Stelmach was a key note speaker at the BC International Open Skies Summit in Vancouver. Premier Stelmach referred to Alberta's Open Skies priority markets and current impediments based on information provided in the Alberta Open Skies Forum report. Premier Stelmach along with BC Premier Gordon Campbell and Saskatchewan Minister of Enterprise Ken Ceveldayoff signed an unprecedented declaration affirming western support for Open Skies.

Open Skies Declaration by Western Provinces

Government of BC News Release

Canadian Council of Tourism Ministers

The Minister of Tourism, Parks and Recreation serves as Chair of the Air Access Working Group of the Council of Canadian Tourism Ministers.

During 2008, the Department commissioned a study on air access issues on behalf of provincial and territorial tourism Ministers. Jurisdictions across Canada, agreed that of the issues identified, the need for more Open Skies Air Service Agreements and consideration of provincial/territorial interests with regard to the negotiation of bilateral air service agreements were immediate short term priorities.

On September 10, 2009, the Minister of Tourism, Parks and Recreation led air access discussions at the meeting of Canada's Tourism Ministers held in Toronto. Federal Transport Minister, the Honourable John Baird also participated in discussions at the meeting related to air access which included dialogue on how to move forward on Canada's Open Skies priority markets.

Position Paper on Air Access Issues in Canada

Government of Alberta News Release

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