Alberta's Tourism Framework

"Tourism has the potential to create opportunities all across Alberta. We want tourism to play a bigger role in the economic diversification of our province. Establishing a common vision and goal for the future - through the Alberta Tourism Framework - is just the beginning. The Framework will be the industry's foundation we will contribute to Building Alberta."

Dr. Richard Starke, Minister of Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation

Building Alberta

Alberta is well positioned among Canadian destinations to grow in coming years. The Alberta government supports economic diversification, and tourism levy funding provides a sustainable foundation to support tourism planning, marketing and development activities. Importantly, Alberta's tourism industry is ready and able to grow.

In October 2013, the Minister of Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation announced a seven year strategy to align industry efforts, maximize resources, and make a bigger impact in the marketplace. A Pathway to Growth – Alberta's Tourism Framework 2013-2020 sets a common vision, goal and priorities for tourism in Alberta.

By working together we are building a stronger tourism industry and we are Building Alberta.


Tourism in Alberta is a $10.3 billion industry by 2020 providing sustainable economic benefits to all regions of Alberta.


Innovative leadership, a flourishing unified industry, traveller-focused authentic experiences, creating prosperity in Alberta.


  • Innovate and develop traveller-focused experiences
  • Accessibility to and within Alberta
  • Market authentic experiences in breathtaking landscapes
  • Align industry efforts and resources toward common goals
  • Research drives sound decisions and measures results

Download A Pathway to Growth – Alberta's Tourism Framework 2013-2020 in three versions:

For more information, contact the Research and Innovation Branch.

Last reviewed/revised: May 12, 2014
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