Alberta Tourism Framework

Learn about the Alberta Tourism Framework and how we are growing our $7.8 billion dollar industry to $10.3 billion by 2020.

"Tourism has the potential to create opportunities all across Alberta. We want tourism to play a bigger role in the economic diversification of our province. Establishing a common vision and goal for the future - through the Alberta Tourism Framework - is just the beginning. The Framework will be the industry's foundation we will contribute to Building Alberta."

Dr. Richard Starke, Minister of Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation

Building Alberta

Alberta's tourism industry is complex. The Alberta Tourism Framework guides a common vision, goal and priorities to grow the tourism industry.

The Framework trades industry competition for cooperation and unity to focus efforts in meeting the needs of visitors. To make a bigger impact in the tourism industry, the Framework aligns our efforts and maximizes resources.

By working together we are building a stronger tourism industry, we are Building Alberta.

Alberta Tourism Framework: Pathway to Growth

The Alberta Tourism Framework is a partnership between public and private sectors to drive economic development. Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation, and Travel Alberta work closely with federal and provincial ministries, agencies and tourism partners to implement the Framework.

There are 21 key objectives identified in the Framework. The Alberta Strategic Tourism Council acts as the Minister's industry advisory on the Framework, and reports performance and progress of completion for each action plan.

To ensure the Framework is meeting tourism industry needs, processes are in place for ongoing monitoring, review and evaluation. Progress is then reported in Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation's, and Travel Alberta's annual reports.


  • Innovative leadership
  • A flourishing unified industry
  • Visitor-focused authentic experiences
  • Creating prosperity in Alberta


By 2020, tourism in Alberta will be a $10.3 billion industry providing sustainable economic benefits to Alberta.

Core Concept

"The success of the Alberta Tourism Framework will be a team effort of Travel Alberta, government and industry partners. Travel Alberta is looking forward to working with all of our partners to realize the full potential of tourism in Alberta.

– Quincy Smith, Chair, Travel Alberta Board of Directors

Focus on coordinated leadership and measured success

  • Create compelling, authentic tourism experiences
  • Focus on visitor needs
  • Align industry under one Framework
  • Foster economic development

Focus on the visitor - Remember to Breathe

  • Unique occasions
  • Emotional experiences
  • Goose bump moments


  • Innovate and Develop: create and enhance traveller-focused experiences around the province
  • Accessibility: improve direct air access to Alberta
  • Marketing: direct promotional efforts at high potential markets
  • Alignment: enhance collaboration between all industry partners
  • Research: use sound research to drive decisions and measure results

Download the full Alberta Tourism Framework report (PDF - 3.84 MB)
For a summary of the Alberta Tourism Framework report (PDF - 435 KB)
Download condensed version of the Alberta Tourism Framework report (PDF - 1.7 MB)

Alberta Strategic Tourism Council

The Alberta Strategic Tourism Council is the Minister's key advisory group and is responsible for providing strategic tourism advice to the Minister and Travel Alberta. Guided by Alberta's Tourism Framework, the Council works in partnership with industry bodies and government agencies to provide a strong voice for the tourism industry to support marketing and product development, investment, workforce skills and training to support tourism jobs and businesses.

Alberta Tourism Development: Resources

There are many available resources to the Alberta tourism industry. Including and not limited to:

  • Current research and statistics
  • Digital assets and multimedia library
  • Industry development guidance (e.g., through a Travel Alberta regional contact)
  • Learning opportunities (e.g., conferences, workshops, webinars)
  • Travel deals program

For current research on Alberta's tourism industry visit the Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation site.

For statistics on Alberta's tourism industry visit the Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation site.

For other available resources visit the Tourism Research Branch of Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation Industry Site, or Travel Alberta's Industry Site.

Last reviewed/revised: April 1, 2014