Tourism Investment Forum

Communities from Alberta are invited to showcase market-ready, land-based tourism development opportunities like hotels, resorts, golf courses and RV campgrounds to potential investors, developers and franchisors.

Communities will gain valuable exposure among investors who are actively investing in Alberta's tourism industry. All opportunities meeting the submission guidelines will be compiled into an investment opportunities booklet and sent out to investors prior to the event in order to generate investor interest. In addition, these projects will also be featured on a section of the Department's website dedicated to tourism investment opportunities. There is no cost to participate in the Tourism Investment Forum.

Information on the upcoming Tourism Investment Forum will be provided in the near future.

Benefits for your Community:

  • Access to a large number of high-net worth tourism investors, developers and hotel franchisors that are actively investing in Alberta's tourism industry.

    • Investors that have the financial resources necessary to invest in market-ready opportunities, and that are specifically targeted based on their interest in tourism-related product.

    • A regional investment opportunities booklet which features participating communities and their tourism investment opportunities is posted on the Department's website prior to the event, and qualified investors are directed to this information.

    • The webpage is dedicated solely to profiling tourism investment opportunities in Alberta and serving as a resource to investors interested in investing in Alberta's tourism industry.

    • A wide range of investors, developers, tourism financiers and hotel franchisors participate in the Forum.

  • Establish relationships and network with investors.
    • The Tourism Investment Forum will have a large emphasis on networking. Staff from the Tourism Division will give a short presentation of each opportunity and then investors will be encouraged to speak with communities and project representatives to obtain more detailed information on projects which piqued their interest.

  • Tourism Networking Event
    • Communities and investors are invited to engage in discussion with institutional and non-traditional lenders, developers, and other business and land-owners who share similar pursuits and enthusiasm for Alberta's tourism industry.

More information on the Tourism Investment Forum can be found by accessing the link:
Tourism Investment Forum

Submission Guidelines

In order for your tourism investment opportunity to be considered for inclusion in the Tourism Investment Forum, it must meet the following criteria:
Submission Guidelines

DEADLINE for Submissions

Please forward your submission no later than TBC.

  • Tourism Project Submissions may be sent via email to:

    Scott Martin, Tourism Investment Consultant

The information provided in the submission will be used to evaluate all tourism investment opportunities. Upon approval, it will be included in an investment opportunity booklet provided to investors, hotel franchisors, and developers prior to the Tourism Investment Forum. The investment opportunity booklet will profile each community and its specific tourism investment opportunities. The booklet will allow investors to review all opportunities prior to the Forum and potentially arrange an exploratory visit to a community of interest with assistance from ATPR.

Last reviewed/revised: December 9, 2013