Brazeau County/Town of Drayton Valley Investment Opportunities

In 2008, the Tourism Research and Investment Branch of Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation commissioned a high-level assessment of potential land based tourism investment opportunities for the Town of Drayton Valley and Brazeau County. A consultant was retained to complete a report which was produced in September 2008. Through the process, the consultant, with the assistance of a steering committee, identified three specific tourism investment opportunities. The opportunities included:

  • Lodge and Cabin Development
  • Serviced RV Campground
  • Mixed Use/Resort Development

The locations for the first two opportunities take advantage of a "crown-land" nodal area adjacent to the Brazeau Reservoir. This nodal area was established through a collaborative land-planning exercise involving ATPR, Brazeau County and Alberta Sustainable Resource Development.

The third opportunity is designed to take advantage of two possible locations outside of the nodal area on either crown or private land in Brazeau County.

For additional information on these opportunities, please contact:

  • Bill Hodgins, Manager, Tourism Business Competitiveness and Investment

Additional Information:
Brazeau County/Town of Drayton Valley Investment Opportunities


Last reviewed/revised: December 9, 2013