Grande Alberta Economic Region Tourism Investment Opportunities

The Tourism Research and Investment Branch of Tourism, Parks and Recreation commissioned a study to complete a high-level assessment of for-profit, tourism development opportunities in the Grande Alberta Economic Region (GAER). GAER is one of 13 regional economic development alliances in the province.

Through this process, nine short-term tourism development opportunities were identified and high-level business case assessment scenarios were prepared for each opportunity. The tourism opportunities included limited service hotels, various cabin and lodge developments, a golf course development, expansion of an existing RV park and campground, an outdoor recreation resort, and an outdoor adventure guiding/outfitter business opportunity. Total estimated investment costs for these opportunities, exclusive of land costs, range from $3 million to over $17 million, depending on the project.

Of the nine opportunities, four involve joint venture opportunities with private sector partners already pursuing projects. There is also an investment opportunity available with a First Nation community.

The study was a high-level assessment and not intended to be a feasibility study. Interested developers and/or investors will need to undertake their own due diligence on any particular opportunity and will have to obtain the necessary regulatory approvals.

In addition to the short term tourism investment opportunities assessed, an additional six medium to longer term opportunities were identified as being market ready in the future.

For additional information on these opportunities, please contact:

  • Bill Hodgins, Manager, Tourism Business Competitiveness and Investment

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Grande Alberta Economic Region Tourism Investment Opportunities

Last reviewed/revised: December 9, 2013